Rosemary Conley Diet PlanRosemary Conley Diet Plan

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan

Diet Plans from Rosemary ConleyRosemary Conley has a national network of clubs running more than 2,000 weekly classes with more than 80,000 members. The diet plan is also available on line.

What is different about attending a Rosemary Conley class is that you do not just have a weigh-in and an informative talk, you also go through a 45-minute work-out. Exercise is essential to complement any diet and here you have an all-in-one package.

With this low fat, calorie controlled diet plus exercise you can eat anything with 5% or less fat, although oily fish and porridge oats are an exception to the rule. As the diet is low in fat you need to balance that with high fibre foods such as rice, pasta potatoes with skins, brown bread with grain and cereal. You are allowed unlimited amounts of tea, coffee, water and diet drinks.

On the debit side it could be a bit of a hassle checking labels for fat content, and just because something is low-fat does not mean you can eat more of it. Indeed, some low-fat products have lots of sugar and can be high in calories. So beware.

However, this is a balanced approach to weight loss and the club element has been proved to help people stick to their diets.

Rosemary Conley CBE is the UK’s leading diet and fitness expert, with more than 40 years’ experience. She has helped thousands of men and woman – in the UK and from all over the world – to achieve their weight-loss goals and get fitter for life.

Rosemary is well known for her realistic and achievable approach to diet and fitness. Her books and DVDs have consistently topped the best-seller lists in the UK, with several topping the charts worldwide, selling a combined total of more than 9 million.